Aracı kiralamadan önce bilmeniz gereken şeyler olduğunu unutmayın. Peki araç kiralarken nelere dikkat etmelisiniz? My Rent a Car olarak araç kiralamada dikkat edilmesi gereken detayları, soru ve cevapları sizler için hazırladık.

Driving license and age limits for car rentals may vary depending on vehicle classes. You can view the age limits for economy class vehicles or upper segment vehicles in the vehicle information section by making an online reservation.
If the vehicle you rented is in your contract, you can use an additional driver; otherwise, it is forbidden to deliver or let third parties use the vehicle. All material/moral damages and losses that may occur due to such use will be invoiced to you.
There is a daily mileage limit and the mileage limit may vary depending on your rental day. You can find out your mileage limit by calling WhatsApp or directly at +905326708948 and specifying your rental day.
Note: For example, you rented for 5 days, there is a total limit of 1000 km.
If you selected the car pickup point during the reservation and your reservation is confirmed, our support team will request an screenshot of your flight ticket via WhatsApp or e-mail.
Our representative follows the flight, waits even if it is a rotary flight, and signs a welcome sign or (by calling) at the exit gate.
He meets you, prepares your contract immediately and delivers your car.
We try to send our customers the vehicle they booked. However, if the vehicle you have booked arrives late or damaged, we will send you an equivalent vehicle, taking into account the fuel and gear status of the vehicle you have chosen.
Our guests must immediately contact the authorized persons via our OFFICE 0 (252) 313 66 69 CEP +90(0532)670 8948 number and provide information. If our guests crash into a stationary vehicle or if our vehicle is hit by third parties while our vehicle is parked; Without changing the location of the vehicle, accident, theft and alcohol detection reports should be obtained by contacting the nearest police or gendarmerie station. In case of collision; driving a motor vehicle without a driver's license, the driver being underage, the driver having alcohol or mental health suspicions, one of the vehicles involved in the accident belonging to a public institution, damage to property belonging to public institutions, damage to property belonging only to third parties, traffic insurance of one of the vehicles involved in the accident. If there is at least one of the following situations; if the accident results in death or bodily harm, accident, theft and alcohol detection reports should be obtained by applying to the nearest police or gendarmerie station without changing the location of the vehicle. If none of the above-mentioned items occur in the event of a collision, our guests are required to keep a Material Damage Accident Report based on how the accident occurred.
If the vehicle is returned early, the number of unused days is not refunded. Planning is done according to the rental start and end dates specified in the rental contract.
Traffic and alcohol reports should be kept immediately after the accident. If the accident is bilateral, the other party's license photocopy, insurance policy photocopy and driver's license photocopy must be taken from the other party at the scene of the accident and the same documents belonging to you must be given to the other party. Immediately after the accident, you should be notified via the number on the rental agreement.
Note: (If you inform our office immediately during the accident, possible incorrect reports, missing documents and procedural errors will be resolved.)
It prevents it.)

If the vehicle is used under the influence of alcohol, any substance or above the speed limit and the person renting the vehicle is completely at fault, the person renting the vehicle will be held responsible for all damages that may occur.

In case of no report, missing or invalid documents, the tenant cannot benefit from insurance in any way and cannot claim to benefit from it.

In the specified cases, the claim to benefit from insurance will be deemed invalid and the resulting damages will not be covered by insurance.

Use of the vehicle by a person other than the name or names specified in the rental agreement.
Do not use the vehicle under normal conditions. (Uses that may damage the engine, road conditions, use with flat or damaged tires, incorrect fuel filling.)
Using the vehicle outside of traffic rules (Other violations such as exceeding the speed limit, red light etc., driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any substance.)
The load carried in the vehicle causes an accident.
Careless operation of the vehicle. (Situations such as not using the vehicle due to rain or road conditions, not following the vehicle in front in accordance with the safe following distance, etc.)
Failure to notify the contact number provided in case of an accident, damage or theft, and the vehicle being abandoned at the scene of the accident.
Failure to obtain a traffic and alcohol report even though a maximum of 6 hours have passed since the accident.
Failure to return the original key in case the vehicle is stolen.
Continuing to use the vehicle without any approval even though the rental period has ended and not returning it.
In case of user-related damage such as tyres, headlights - temperature - glass, etc., actions are taken without informing the relevant contact numbers. Situations such as this are not included in the insurance.

The amount of financial compensation resulting from damages to third parties in accidents is covered by financial liability insurance. Amounts not covered by the guarantee are the responsibility of the customer. Our Bodrum Car Rental Company cannot be held responsible for amounts outside the guarantee.
You must have your driver's license, ID, passport and credit card with you when delivering the vehicle from our Bodrum Car Rental Company. Otherwise, your vehicle will not be delivered. For economy group vehicles, it is required to be at least 23 years old and have a 3-year driver's license, for medium group vehicles, it is required to be 25 years old and have a 3-year driver's license, and for upper group vehicles, it is required to be 27 years old and have a 5-year driver's license.
Age limit for Rental Vehicle: For economy class vehicles, 23 years old, 3-year driving license, 3000 TL guarantee fee, for middle class vehicles, 25 years old, 3-year driving license, 5500 TL guarantee fee, for upper class vehicles, 27 years old, 5-year driving license, 12,500 TL guarantee fee.
Rental Car Provisioning procedures are among the procedures applied during car rental. It is applied to protect against any traffic fines, bridge crossings, highway usage or other additional fees that may arise while renting a car. Provision cancellations can be made within 1 business day by sending a fax to the bank the day after your vehicle is returned.